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Somabay Red sea….


Gently rising from a sheet of turquoise, at Mesca it’s hard to tell where the sea ends and sky begins. Your life here lies at the intersection of two worlds to strike the perfect balance between home-style living with all its freedom and privacy and luxury hotel hospitality with its abundant variety of signature amenities delivered straight to your door. Sit back, relax and allow Mesca’s unmatched synergy to introduce a one-of-a-kind beachfront experience, breathing harmony and excitement into every aspect of your life

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Bay Central

Bay Central is the most exclusive and premium spot in Somabay, oozing inescapable elegance and class. Masterplanned to surround communities’ with a unique air of sophistication and grandeur, every aspect of Central Bay’s residential vision seamlessly integrates in absolute harmony with the natural environment to redefine contemporary living on the Red Sea.

Bay Central - Residence

Bay Central - Villas

Bay Central Bay Central is the most exclusive and premium spot in Somabay, oozing inescapable elegance and class. Masterplanned to surround communities’ with a unique air of sophistication and grandeur, every aspect of Central Bay’s residential vision seamlessly integrates in absolute harmony with the natural environment to redefine contemporary living on the Red Sea. Bay Central - Residence Bay Central - Villas

Bay West

Located on Somabay’s west coast, Bay west is the perfect idyllic residential project.

Renowned for its soothing architecture, picturesque surroundings and tranquil sea which guarantees an impeccable stress free environment for you and your family.




Developed to incorporate modern elements taken by the minimalistic style of the natural colors and textures that compose Somabay, Reeftown is the latest project to reflect the beauty of the Red Sea in structure and design.


Located between Wadi Jebal and Somabreeze the strategic positioning of Reeftown on the Reef side of the bay boasts unobstructed, panoramic views of the Red Sea and beyond. The project is comprised of intimate, two-to-three-bedroom chalets that are designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding natural landscape. Near the diverse facilities provided in Somabay, residents of Reeftown are only a short walk away from our world-renowned golf course, private coastline, and The Cascades Hotel.



Soma Breeze

Harnessing the naturally welcoming and spirited generosity of its people, Somabay reinvents hospitality with utmost passion every day. As a world-class destination defined by captivating landscapes and extravagant living, perfection is pursued in the intricate designing of your every experience. Residential or resort, Somabay is your inimitable destination for luxury living and magnificent natural beauty.


Soma Breeze’s young and hip architecture provides the spoils of everyday modern living, coupled with unobstructed views of outstanding nature. Serenely self-contained by the shoreline, the community is built on lavish apartments overlooking breathtaking vistas with the convenience of nearby amenities.


Located at the tip of the peninsula, Soma Breeze gives you a unique panoramic view of the reef and the bay at once. Enjoy peace of mind and crystal clear clarity with intricately curated personal experiences that aim to resonate within you whilst elevating and refreshing your mind, body and soul. Soma Breeze living provides boundless space for relaxation and recreation, enriching authentic experiences, ultimately empowering easy, breezy; living.


With a pool a couple of steps away from your door and exclusive access for homeowners to the clubhouse’s miscellaneous eateries and everyday essentials, life is hassle free at Soma Breeze. The property consists of low-rise homes built with the perfect blend of privacy, luxury and convenience. Soma Breeze houses eight different unit types, ranging from one, two and three-bedroom apartments, all offering a spectacular view of the award- winning golf course and mesmerizing untamed landscape.


Experience spontaneity and indulge in mindful moments alongside magical soothing waters and lands of golf cascading in everlasting shades of green. Contemporary luxuriant elegance and fresh breezy ocean air breathe life into a gorgeous space, paving the way for your-year round home away from home.



Wadi Jebal Extension

There is a difference between living and the decision to live artfully. Welcome to a world where powdery blue skies and sapphire seas serve as the backdrop to exquisite moments. Where light, open spaces, become a gallery for your daily pursuits and where design extends beyond the visible and becomes a way of life. With one-of-a-kind contemporary villas depicted with a composition of earthy accents, wide-set windows, and luxuriant private gardens, Wadi Jebal sets the tone for fine details, powerful sensations and timeless impressions.


A quintessential bayside atmosphere comes to life with Wadi Jebal’s exclusive collection of residences tailored to your requirements. From family fun, to blissfully serene moments by the shore, it all happens here. Offering a selection of unique property unit types, pick from Wadi Jebal villas, patio villas, lodges, surf village, stand-alone villas and twin villas. Every home is ordained with a stunning vision of the sea from a high altitude; relishing in open yet private living. The property covers only 15% of the cliff, rendering residents a sanctuary of beautiful homes to revel in the magnificent beauty of sea and shores.


Life here is meant to eclipse your imagination and transport you to a realm of sheer greatness. It is more than an appearance, it is a mindset, an expression of self, an atmosphere that inspires and stirs the emotions.


There are places to live well and there are places to belong. Your residence at the Wadi Jebal Lodges provides you the pleasures of both. Designed to harness the most of natural topography, The Lodges are gracefully set atop beautiful cliffs on the peninsula, where each masterful residential project offers unmatched views of untouched coastlines and crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea. The unique residences defy all expectations with 360-degree views of nature and the design of contemporary beach estates. You can hear and sense the sea whilst being surrounded by verdant natural landscapes, crowning the achievements of richly rewarding lives.


Wadi Jebal Patio Villas: From its glass, modern architectural style to the comfort of having your very own three bedroom home all on one floor, this patio villa exceeds your summer-home criteria. Free from the concerns of the outside world, you are free to rediscover your true self. The Patio Villas bring you a rare collection of residences filled with light and accented by luxe finishes and materials, offering the ultimate canvas for inspired living. Each residence is a beautifully appointed hideaway for those who live here. Step into your own private enclave and feel the coastal breezes flow from room to room. Delight in the spacious layouts celebrate togetherness, offering a synthesis of functionality and comfort.


Wadi Jebal First Row Villas: This is where bayside relaxation meets sleek city sophistication. Living between the best of both worlds means a home that reflects both a love of the outdoors and an appreciation for the finer things in life. Enter your very own sanctuary in Wadi Jebal’s one-of-a-kind contemporary villas and indulge in the luxury of waking up just a few meters away from the sea. Truly redefining exclusive comfort with your very own pool overlooking Sombay’s crystal blue coastline. These first row villas feature three to four bedrooms with pristine finishing standards equally as beautiful as your homes’ surroundings setting a new standard for the meaning of home.




Blanca’s exclusive location grants its community an ideal mix of uninterrupted relaxation, powered by the lively happenings of Somabay’s White Beach next door. The development distinctly lies in a quiet spot straight in the heart of the bay to invite nature and heavenly views into every corner of your home.


Just a few steps away, White Beach is a permanent backstage pass to experience a magnetic beachfront lifestyle, lined with elegant sun- beds embracing the sea from every angle and perfected by relaxing music tunes, impeccable service and a scrumptious variety of dishes and colorful cocktails to delight.



Soma Coves

Here is where exquisite ribbons of sand are backed by lush green golf views and lapped by turquoise waters sleeping at the foot of red mountain peaks. Captivating beneath the water as above, Somabay is one of the few places on earth that does beach-front luxury so effortlessly.


From a far, Soma Coves looks like an earthy canvas where natural details are amplified. Looking close, the project’s elemental beauty lies in its prime location overlooking the reef, promising uninterrupted sea views, as well as picturesque frames, wherever you turn. Imaginatively designed in absolute harmony with its natural surroundings, Soma Coves is living deep in nature while decelerating in a cove-inspired lifestyle where raw beauty simply reigns. Soma Coves is simply majestic nature, run- ning wild. It’s waking up to a breathtaking sunrise and immersing yourself in waves of serenity, as well as infinite views of deep blue, year-round.




Mazeej, a place for wanderers and an experience of luxury laced with the surrounding nature.

A concept of tranquillity, minimalism, and a medley of chicness and originality. Whether it’s the desert or the sea, Mazeej fits within its surroundings. Mazeej honors ancient customs and appreciates relationships with nature by creating an unusual atmosphere in each site by embracing regional flavors and the local history..





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