Status: Selling
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Investor: Arabella Group
Price: From $ 1 million - $ 10 million
Number of blocks: 169
Number of floors: 3


Arabella New Cairo Compound is considered an integrated city with services. It provides residents with all the services they need with the best possible quality. Among the most important services provided by Arabella Compound are:

    Arabella Compound includes a distinctive group of swimming pools of various sizes and heights, swimming pools suitable for children and adults, in addition to a covered swimming pool for women for more privacy.
    Inside the compound there is a huge commercial mall that extends over a large area and includes many shops with the most famous Egyptian and international brands for those who love shopping and hiking.
    For more comfort and luxury, the compound contains a five-star hotel that offers the best international hotel services at the highest level and provides housekeeping service throughout the day.
    The Arabella Compound includes a world-class clubhouse with all the services residents need.
    If you love raising animals, Arabella New Cairo Compound provides a pet care and breeding center and provides appropriate foods, meals, and foods for them.
    Arabella New Cairo includes a large hypermarket to serve the residents of the compound, as it includes all the consumer goods and merchandise that customers may need.
    There is an entertainment area designated for children with many entertaining games for them, and it is a fully secured area.
    The compound includes cinema halls equipped with the latest equipment and showing the latest cinematic shows in Egypt and the world.
    For sports practitioners and lovers of a healthy life, Arabella Compound provides a gym and a health club equipped with the latest sports and health equipment.
    The Arabella Compound includes a designated area for restaurants and cafes, with a distinctive group of restaurants and cafes that offer the most delicious and delicious dishes and meals that suit all tastes.
    Arabella Compound provides health services at the highest level, as it includes a number of specialized centers and clinics equipped with the latest medical equipment and under the supervision of a group of the most skilled doctors, in addition to a number of pharmacies that operate 24 hours a day.
    For women, the compound includes beauty centers equipped at the highest level and providing international service, as well as sauna and jacuzzi rooms.
    To perform prayer duties and perform religious rituals, the compound includes a large prayer mosque that was designed in the ancient Islamic style and can accommodate a large number of worshipers.
    All residential buildings within the Arabella Compound contain electric elevators to make it easier for residents to get up and down.
    A tight security system with highly trained security and guard personnel and surveillance cameras spread throughout the compound to ensure the preservation of lives and property inside the compound.



Swimming Pool

Garden Or Back-Yard

Security 24/7 Security 24/7

Lake View

Architecture Interior style Classic

Architecture Exterior style Modern Architecture Exterior style Modern

Architecture Interior style Modern Architecture Interior style Modern

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