Administrative capital...........
The idea of the administrative capital 
It was announced by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in 2015 that Egypt would have a new capital
Administrative, commercial, tourism and economic
A fourth-generation city, one of the largest and most modern cities in the Middle East, with infrastructure at the highest level

Location of the New Administrative Capital
The New Administrative Capital is located on the borders of Badr City in the area between the Cairo-Suez and Cairo-Ain Sokhna roads.
It is about 60 km away from Ain Sokhna, Suez, and central Cairo
Directly after New Cairo, Mostakbal City, and Madinaty, the location of the New Administrative Capital is considered one of its most important features

The Administrative Capital covers an area of 184,000 acres
Adding the green bar at the end of the capital
Divided into 3 stages
The first phase is 40,000 acres

Roads leading to the Administrative Capital
1/ The Middle Ring Road, which separates New Cairo from the capital
2/ Tayyib Cairo Suez
3/. Cairo Ain Sokhna Road
4/. Regional ring road
5/ The free road
Regarding the main axes in the administrative capital
1/ Bin Zayed Northern Axis
2/ Bin Zayed Southern Axis
The northern Bin Zayed axis and the southern Bin Zayed axis are separated by the Green River, which is along the administrative capital, over an area of 35 kilometers.
Minimum width 500 metres
The widest part of the Green River is 2 kilometres
3/ The axis of hope
4/ South Future Axis

The first phase of the Administrative Capital includes 11 residential neighborhoods
10 of them have been proposed so far
The first area is: the investors area or the first offering, and it was given this name because it is the first area that was offered in
Administrative capital
* The second area, which is next to R4, is La Vista, 900 acres
As for the rest of the neighborhoods
– R1 – R2 – R3 –
These neighborhoods have high density
R4 – R5 – R6 –
These neighborhoods have medium density and are separated from R1_R2_R3 neighborhoods
It is the green river
R7 – R8.
Neighborhoods with low density
Private real estate development companies are building compounds in the Investors Area, R7, and R8. The rest of the residential neighborhoods are owned by the state, represented by the Urban Communities Authority.

First - Investors Area:
The neighborhood consists of only 14 compounds and is distinguished by its unique location, as it overlooks the northern Bin Zayed Axis and the Green River (the central parks connected to the length of the capital). It is considered the closest neighborhood to the Downtown area. To its south, there is the Diplomatic Quarter and the Seventh District, R7.

Compounds in the neighborhood:
Ceillia: The most famous compound due to the strength of the company (Talaat Mostafa) and its unique location inside the Green River
il Bosco
The Capital way
Midtown Solo
Midtown Villa
Capital Heights 1
Capital Heights 2
Blue Vert
Golden Yard
Stella Park
Tiba Roz
NBE Capital Compound
The last compound belongs to Mohamed Abdel Wahab Mahmoud Company and has not been named yet

Second - The third residential district, R3:
The neighborhood is owned by the Urban Communities Authority and is distinguished by its proximity to the central business district (CBD), where the iconic tower is located. It is also considered the closest residential neighborhood to the Presidential Palace, the Financial District, and the Government District. A complex of Canadian and European universities is located in the neighborhood.
The neighborhood is divided into 8 neighborhoods and there are only 3 residential projects:

(1) Capital Residence:
The project is owned by the Urban Communities Authority, which contracted with the largest contracting companies to implement it, such as Talaat Mostafa Company and the Arab Contractors Company. It is located in the neighborhoods D1, D2, D7 and D8 and consists of residential buildings consisting of 7 floors and a garage (not a compound). The project is delivered fully finished.
Reservations for the project were opened for the first time in July 2018, and units have already begun to be delivered to reservations since the beginning of January 2021.

(2) Al Maqsad Residence:
It is being implemented by City Edge Company, which is implementing the El Alamein Towers in New El Alamein City. It is located in the neighborhoods D3 and D6 and also consists of residential buildings (not a compound). The project is delivered fully finished. Delivery of units has begun

(3) Al Maqsad Compound Villas:
It is also implemented by City Edge. It is located in neighboring D4 and D5. It is considered the largest villa compound in the capital and contains different types of villas: Standalone Villa, Twin Villa and Townhouse.

Third - Seventh Residential District R7:
It is on an area of 1,500 acres and has 41 projects
The neighborhood is located south of the investors area. It overlooks the Exhibition City to the west and the Diplomatic Quarter to the east. There are 3 international universities located in the neighborhood: the British University, the Russian University, and the Swedish University. The neighborhood includes more than 30 compounds, such as:
castle landmark
Scene 7
Midtown Sky
Midtown Condo
La Capitale Suite Lagoons
La Capitale
The City
The City Valley
The loft
Sky Capital
Green Avenue
Town Gate
Capital Flowers

Fourth - Eighth Residential District R8:
It is on an area of 2500 acres
The neighborhood is located in the far east of the first phase of the capital, and the Diplomatic Quarter is located to its west. It includes a group of projects being implemented, and it is expected that the neighborhood will witness a large group of projects during the coming period due to the presence of about 30 plots of land designated for building compounds that have not been sold yet. The currently existing projects are:
Laverde casette
De Joya 1
De Joya 2
The Curve
Residence 8
Sky Capital 2
Capital Dream
Light City 3

Fifth - Fifth Residential District R5:

It is one of the neighborhoods that the New Urban Communities Authority supervises, and the neighborhood is called the New Garden City



Highlights: English University of Hertfordshire

As for the rest of the residential neighborhoods, they are, as we said, owned by the state, and no residential units have been offered for sale in them

As for the percentage of malls and commercial projects within the capital

There are 8 regions, and only 5 regions were offered

The first area to be introduced is Mu23
It is located between R2 and R3
On Al Amal Axis, it is 250 acres and contains 48 malls
It is distinguished in terms of faster investment because the units within R2 and R3 are being delivered at the present time
The average number of units is 50,000 to 60,000 housing units
Average 250,000 people
It was given this name because it is located between R2 and R3
But this area is repeated in some other places

Secondly: The Financial and Business District, which is located at the top of the Downtown Capital District, in the banks and ministries area, near the presidential headquarters, and there are approximately 13 malls.
This area was not repeated again within the capital

Third: Malls located within the neighborhoods
District R7 and District R8
These malls only serve the project they are affiliated with and have no right to serve outside the project except for projects in premium housing within these neighborhoods

Fourth: Downtown
It is located on an area of 1,364 acres and overlooks the northern Bin Zayed axis and the Green River. It also overlooks the financial and business district and the government district.
It is divided into
1/ Excursion and shopping companies on an area of 35 acres
2/ Insurance companies on an area of 16 acres
3/ Pharmaceutical companies on an area of 37 acres
There is a security building, a social building, and a hospital near pharmaceutical companies
4/ Data Center on 28 acres
5/ Computer companies on an area of 22 acres
6/. Oil tanks on an area of 54 acres
7/. A power station on an area of 5.5 acres
8/ Monorail station
9/ The gold market, on an area of 25 acres
10/ Heritage and Art District, on an area of 17 acres
11/ Misr Mosque, 68 acres
12/ Heritage and Art District, on an area of 17 acres
13/ The administrative district, on an area of 17 acres
14/ Fashion District, on an area of 40 acres
15/ The tourist area or towers area is 164 acres

The Central Business District is located in front of the iconic tower and in the R3 district
Almost 2 towers were launched
 Good luck, Lord, to all of us. , God willing, to all the group 

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