The seven 7 Steps and stages of finishing the apartment in order


The seven 7 Steps and stages of finishing the apartment in order

Stages of finishing the apartment in order  
The stages of finishing the apartment in order, as when a person receives the new apartment, it is often with only red bricks, and therefore there are many important stages, and precision must be taken in all of them in order to avoid problems that result from finishing defects, and they may not appear immediately, and thus will result in This is a loss of finishes and money paid as well, because the apartment owner will have to return some parts again

1  The first stage: dividing the apartment and doing internal construction  
• This stage is very important in the process of finishing the apartment, as the stage of dividing the apartment determines the shape of the apartment, and this stage is easy to make modifications and additions to before starting any other stage.

2 The second stage: electricity  
• This stage is concerned with dividing electrical locations, choosing their locations, and making divisions for switches and lighting.

3 The third stage: plumbing and drainage works  
• This stage depends on the sizes of the electrical appliances, such as the stove, refrigerator, washing machine, and other appliances, because based on them, the plumbing technician makes the drainage areas, and they are distributed perfectly.

4 Fourth stage: carpentry work  
• This stage is not complicated, because all that is required is choosing the types and shapes of doors and their rings, in addition to choosing the outlets (windows) of the apartment.  
• There are multiple types of apartment doors, including a wooden door, an iron door, and the currently common type is the armored door.

5 The fifth stage: conch work  
This stage is considered one of the basics of finishing, as many issues are determined based on it, such as whether the walls are solid or not? The same applies to the walls and paints, because the foundation is the shell to which many of the next steps are linked, and based on it, the final appearance of the finish and the apartment as a whole will appear.

6 Sixth stage: ceramic and flooring works  
At this stage, the ceramic installation technician installs the selected ceramic, which must be first class so that it does not lose its colors or even break later. There are many famous ceramic showrooms in this field, so do not hesitate to buy from one of them because ceramic of unknown origin does not last long. .

7 Seventh stage: painting stage  
It is the final stage, and here the apartment owner chooses the colors and grade he wants, and either makes the purchase or asks the paint technician to do so, and the final appearance of the apartment is determined by what is painted.  
At the end of the article about the stages of finishing the apartment in order, we saw that each stage is linked to the next, and if the stage is completed with quality that results in a final appearance as the apartment owner designed for it, then specialized technicians must be chosen so that the result is exactly as desired.


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